VTSS Now Offering CrewPlex Portable Intercom Devices

Vacuum Truck Sales & Service has added CrewPlex communication devices to its product line. CrewPlex is a division of CoachComm, most known for its headset systems used by college football coaches during televised games. They maintain a 97% market share in the FBS/FCS football team market. In addition, their Pliant Technologies division serves the broadcast, event, and entertainment industry with wireless intercom systems.

CrewPlex is a small, hands-free, portable intercom device developed for the construction and industrial services industries and is a fully conversational communications system that allows many users to talk as if they were sitting next to each other at a table.  There are no buttons to push - everyone can speak naturally and anyone can speak at any time with no restrictions.

The devices fit in your pocket, on your work vest or on your belt, are weatherproof (IP67) and have 12-hour battery life.  Batteries can also be changed in less than 30 seconds. CrewPlex has a very long coverage range and features a number of options for headsets including hardhat mounts, ultra-lightweight and noise isolating models.

In initial testing with soil erosion, excavation, and general earth moving contractors, the unique communications solution allowed for improved efficiencies which resulted in greater productivity. Heavy equipment operators were able to work safer and closer to each other than ever before. Contractors have reported accidents being avoided because of improved communications. When people can freely communicate without needing to see each other or taking their hands off of the equipment to push buttons, operators are more comfortable, more efficient, and groups can work faster and better.

For more information or a product demonstration, call us at 833-682-8850.