Ledwell is a Custom Fit for Baldwin County

Vacuum Truck Sales and Service was thrilled to deliver this customized Ledwell vacuum truck to Baldwin County, AL. This Ledwell model was almost perfect for their needs, and because they chose to buy from VTSS, they were able to customize the details to get the absolute most out of their purchase.

"Baldwin County purchased this truck from us because of the custom options that Ledwell offers and VTSS’s many services after the sale," said Phillip Mechatto, who orchestrated the sale. "VTSS designed and built a special tool to help extend their reach beyond the maximum range that pumps offer. This allows them to get the tough jobs completed easier and ahead of schedule."

We're proud to be a part of Baldwin County's mission to serve its residents. If you're in need of a truck with a little something extra to get the job done right, contact Phil or any of our other representatives today!